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Project Summary

The mission of the Illinois Math and Science Academy (IMSA) is to ignite and nurture creative, ethical, scientific minds that advance the human condition: a mission possible only if its laboratories and classrooms match its reputation as one of the world’s leading teaching and learning laboratories for imagination and inquiry. However, the current laboratories and classrooms in IMSA’s B-Wing had not been touched since 1978. The facilities needed to be updated to support the mission of IMSA and provide state-of-the-art laboratories for comprehensive learning.

The renovation consisted of science laboratories, lab support spaces and classrooms with full architecture and MEP services. In the classrooms, movable furniture allows for flexibility with ample lecture space and white boards. Tiered tables increase visibility to the teaching professor and white boards. Pops of blue in the classrooms and labs create a cohesive feel. IMSA’s building design does not include sealed off ceilings for many classrooms so panels were hung to lower the “ceiling” and reduce the carrying of sound.

Each of the labs are used as teaching labs and for student research. The labs are equipped with workstations, lab flow hoods and utility connections. Substantial storage systems provide space for laboratory equipment, cleaning supplies and tools. The support spaces house cabinets, sinks, sanitizing equipment and utilities.

The newly renovated B-Wing provides IMSA the facilities they need to support their student and faculty with a contemporary space for students to learn and perform research, as well as provide opportunities to entice prospective students, faculty and researchers.


Aurora, Illinois


Design Vignette

Geometric tables come together to create group setting that echo the shape of molecular structures.