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Project Summary

The Village of Roselle wanted to turn a previous brownfield industrial site into a bustling downtown area near the Metra Station. The site was redeveloped with the extension of Main Street and three to four new mixed-use structures. As a transit-oriented development, careful consideration to address safety and noise pollution were needed, due to the proximity of the train.

The building design concept allowed for three building sites: a taller mixed-use building on the east side, which had a residential character, a two-story retail/ office building in the center of the site, and a single-story retail (Starbucks) on the west side with greater street visibility. Luxurious condominiums with large walk-out terraces are placed adjacent to the commercial shop fronts and office suites. The varying rooflines, vintage-style brickwork and old-world-style clock tower add charm and character to the development. The streetscape has neighborhood touches such as plantings, bike racks and street furniture for comfort.

Main Street Station successfully created an extension of the downtown with accessible shopping and housing where a stagnant industrial site sat for decades, thereby breathing new life into the Village of Roselle.


Village of Roselle, Illinois


Design Vignette

The street amenities encourage residents and those passing through to linger. The benches and bike parking inspire residents to be more sustainable and the varying roof styles create architectural diversity.