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Project Summary

The Illinois National Guard needed a Readiness Center to replace two dated facilities. Bailey Edward’s design solution creatively utilizes substantial materials such as metal and brick to provide an architectural character that conveys the strength and trust that defines the National Guard’s mission, while achieving a modern, high-tech military facility. The design was featured in metalmag for its utilization of metal to express a strong visual presence. Extensive government guidelines regarding ceiling heights, roof types, and security measures were methodically incorporated into the design solution. SPiRiT Gold Standard rating, the military’s Sustainable Project Rating Tool prior to USGBC LEED, was achieved and long-term operating cost goals were met. An elaborate sustainability plan involved louvered sunscreens to reduce passive solar heat gain and bio-swales that remove 80% of suspended solids during storm water management.

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Galesburg, Illinois


Design Vignette

This project challenged Bailey Edward to not only meet project goals with an attractive design, but also to respond to extensive government security requirements. A methodical approach ensured an innovative response to both Federal and State guidelines, and allowed for ingenuity in the creation of an aesthetically pleasing solution. For example, the design leverages a curved roof line and higher parapet walls to minimize massing differences caused by Federal guidelines restricting room sizes and ceiling heights, and State preferences for non-flat roofs.