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Project Summary

As trends in banking are leaning towards more open hospitable environments, Iroquois Federal Bank (IFB) realized it was crucial to present an up-to-date, fresh image with a modern approach to banking. Working with IFB to identify future banking trends which better served their clients, the team focused on hospitality and client relationships. To launch their new corporate identity, IFB’s Danville branch, which was stuck in the 70’s, was set as the flagship project. The 1970’s design had many drawbacks: outdated carpet, lava rock walls and tile drew away from the building’s unique circular structure; however, there were other unique features such as a large central skylight and two-story space that lent a great backdrop to the clients’ goals. It was important to keep those defining features and showcase them in a new, up-to-date light.

The first task was to create a welcoming and upscale design giving customers a strong and positive first impression. With a unique circular shape and a two-story central atrium, drama already existed and the lobby environment, like that of a trendy hotel, was outfitted with a concierge desk, lobby seating and custom-designed casework to serve as teller stations. Outdated finishes – gold and brown mosaic tile floors and lava rock walls – were replaced by a neutral-toned plank tile floor, a fresh color scheme, echoing the corporate brand, new walls, soffits, ceilings and light fixtures. To overcome the awe-inspiring volume, the teller stations distinctive soffit creates a focal point and brings a more human scale to the customer-teller interaction. By marrying a new, sleek design with people’s needs, IFB has created a strong identity that can set them apart throughout central Illinois.


Danville, Illinois


Design Vignette

To achieve more human interaction, teller pods were created instead of windows which allow for a more personable experience. Blocky, monolithic desks were replaced by sculptural stations with multiple finishes and interesting forms. Rather than having tacky stanchions and ropes, sophisticated translucent panels separate and mark waiting areas. Every detail was considered to create a crisp, clean and contemporary feel.