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Project Summary

Focusing on convenient and accessible healthcare that encourages patient participation in maintaining their own health, Physicians Immediate Care (PIC) uses a retail prototype concept that can easily and readily duplicated for both new outlet buildings and in-line retail renovations. Working with architect Jeffrey A. Myers, Bailey Edward’s engineers set up proto-typical templates alongside cost-saving measures at each of the 10+ project locations that included sprinkler systems, fire alarm systems, new water service, and electrical service. Most of the new build-outs were implemented into existing construction, requiring modifications of existing old or new systems, resulting in consistent cost and MEP/FP system implementation from site-to- site.




Design Vignette

Retail healthcare clinics are increasingly becoming patients’ go-to source of primary care due to their ability to offer a wide-range of services, convenient locations and business hours, boast extensive electronic information technology, and are able to collaborate with major healthcare providers and networks. Due to consistent floorplan layouts, building systems, and branding elements, retail healthcare clinics are able to be quickly duplicated within various building sites with minimal overhead costs.