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Project Summary

In an effort to address educational, environmental and economic challenges in the pork industry, South Dakota State University (SDSU) looked to Bailey Edward to modernize their swine facilities. The University identified key areas of research related to swine performance and production, and Bailey Edward designed state-of-the-art facilities for current and future pork producers to improve educational standards and practices for the industry.

The facilities include a technical, research facility equipped with a surgery suite, an intensive care unit, and classrooms for educational opportunities. Connected are customized animal barns with farrowing, gestation and breeding components. Each element was designed to maximize animal comfort and minimize animal disturbances while allowing for optimal education and research opportunities.

In addition to providing new buildings that support SDSU’s efforts to modernize and improve swine industry education, Bailey Edward’s design allowed for an enhanced connection to the urban downtown campus by its adjacency to the state fairgrounds. Bailey Edward also designed a visitor center to engage community members with a viewing window, educational displays, and demonstrations. These efforts help expand public outreach by integrating the swine facilities into the community and ultimately demystifying the pork industry.

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South Dakota State University


Design Vignette

The shower-in shower-out system allows for students and researchers to interact directly with the swine through the main corridor while maintaining the safety and health of the swine, a major concern for the facilities. By increasing the biosecurity of the facilities with these shower-in shower-out systems, Bailey Edward was able to improve the animals’ overall welfare and enhance their quality of life.