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Roosevelt University Biology & Pharmacy Laboratories

The space will not only enhance faculty teaching and student learning, but will also continue to make College of Pharmacy attractive to prospective students. — Moji Adeyeye, Chair of Biopharmaceutical Sciences at Roosevelt University


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Project Summary

Faced with a growing enrollment and an insufficient amount of laboratories, Roosevelt University needed to upgrade its facilities to meet their growing student demand. Additionally, unlike its downtown campus, the University’s Schaumburg location lacked the state-of-the-art technologies, upgrades and facilities it needed to provide its students.

In order to expedite the process, a turn-key approach was employed. Bailey Edward and the University established laboratory needs and agreed upon a firm budget early on in the project. Bailey Edward then worked directly with Scott Laboratory Solutions, a research design and supply company, so layouts and costing for the casework, countertops, sinks and other equipment were quickly laid out. Bailey Edward streamlined planning; incorporating life safety accommodations of safety showers and eye washes, and ensured ADA was accommodated at entrances, sinks, hoods, and other equipment clearances. Even with the quick turn-around for this project, these new facilities transformed dull small classrooms into spacious, bright and accessible teaching and research spaces for both students and faculty.

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Chicago, Illinois


Design Vignette

Symmetrical layouts were implemented in order to provide a central instructional podium so that students could have a clear view of the instructor. Additionally, the distributed wet lab benching, combined with support equipment such as laboratory hoods, freezers and other equipment provided compact work triangles for users.