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Project Summary

The Medical Center at Argonne National Laboratory (ANL) wanted to renovate its 1,000 sq. ft. X-ray room and develop a new 1,300 sq. ft. wellness and physical training center in order to focus their services towards employee wellness. With only a limited amount of space within and alongside the confines of an existing X-ray and blood lab area, the plan efficiently maintains the X-ray lab operations while creating a new Physical Therapy suite that has a direct and highly visible connection to the Center’s current entrance, greeting and check-in area. X-ray room renovations included increased shielding safety and switch out of the associated equipment, while the Physical Therapy suite renovations enable the widest possible treatment options for staff including private, group, cardio and occupational.


Lemont, Illinois


Design Vignette

ANL’s focus on employee health and wellness extends beyond treatment, by providing an environment where staff members can feel comfortable receiving care in a private setting. Such a setting enables ANL to be better able to keep their staff healthy while working with new medical technologies.