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Project Summary

The 1930s era courthouse’s limestone and masonry façade was showing several signs of deterioration with cracks, spalling and failed masonry joints, a copper-lined limestone cornice-block gutter system that had reached its life-span limit, and neglected stone entry jams and terra-cotta parapets. To address the restoration needs of the building, Bailey Edward laser scanned the building, which allowed for detailed documentation of the current scope of deterioration and limited change orders for unforeseen condition repairs. With these insights, thorough historic specifications on the repair work and products were utilized for limestone patch repair procedures, selecting non-staining sealant, cleaning methodologies and the formulation of the existing mortar to properly match in strength and color. Using a holistic approach, Bailey Edward was able to advise the GSA on prioritizing repairs through phasing recommendations to address the areas in most need of repairs.

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South Bend, Indiana


Design Vignette

During construction Bailey Edward determined that limestone staining was caused by ongoing water infiltration. After a survey of the existing interior downspouts was completed, a new epoxy coating application at the interior of existing downspouts was initiated.