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Project Summary

Under our Science Laboratory Retainer, NEIU requested a new dual purpose bio-safety level 2 laboratory to teach micro-biology, immunology and virology to students with the additional functionality for the space to function as both a faculty research wet lab.

Springing from NEIU’s previous lab renovations, Bailey Edward assessed the laboratory for adjustments to the teaching lab layout for increased research functionality. The new space will function as both labs and instruction for 24 students and one instructor. While some existing equipment including a -80 degree freezer was reused, other equipment was purchased specifically for the new laboratory. The HVAC system upgrades were made to remedy prior problems and to accommodate a new Class II B2 biosafety cabinets with full exhaust to address the dual use for microbiology and chemistry.

The University has experienced significant cost savings by reusing prior equipment, running more efficient systems, and creating additional research swing space. The students benefit from improved instructional technology, audio-visual upgrades, laboratory equipment, and storage for supplies.

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Chicago, Illinois


Design Vignette

To address laboratory functionality, a layout of dual shared benches arranged in three rows of eight students provides students with counters front and back for writing and for experimentation. The dry side of the bench faces the teaching wall and is separated by a 6” curb from the wet side. The benches also provide data, power and drawer storage for computers, stereoscopes and microscopes.

By improving upon a previous design, the new laboratory serves as a dual-purpose space for the University, providing teaching and research opportunities within one space, and reducing the required space needed to teach the two parts of one class.