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Project Summary

Booker T. Washington Elementary School is a new Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Academy for K-5 students in Champaign. The school’s current design, developed by Bailey Edward in association with Cannon Design, serves 225 students in a two-strand environment (two classrooms per grade level); a future expansion will accommodate a three-strand approach serving 425 students.

The building features a STEM lab where students connect with professionals retained through programs such as I-STEM at the University of Illinois. The central lab is supported with administrative offices for academic coaches and STEM coordinators. Rounding out the design are a reference library and a student commons area.

Images courtesy of Cannon Design.

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Champaign, Illinois


Design Vignette

Bailey Edward and Cannon Design’s approach for this STEM facility focuses on creating academic communities and project-based learning environment. Inwardly focused clusters of three learning studios open onto a communal gathering and project workspace for discussion and collaboration.