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Project Summary

As a shining example of the depression era craftsmanship from the Civilian Conservation Corps, many of the Lodge’s features, designed by State Architect Joseph Booton in 1932, were handcrafted at the site. Although there have been a few historically insensitive modifications over the years, through careful research and thoughtful design, Bailey Edward made certain that this National Register of Historic Places structure was returned to the original Architect’s design intentions.

The restoration of the Black Hawk Lodge included a new roof system and restoration of the dormers, windows and doors. Stone throughout the Lodge was cleaned and restoration was performed on the non-historic exterior stair. The exterior light fixtures were placed with period reproduction fixtures. This project was honored with a Preservation Award from the Rock Island Historic Preservation Society and a Preservation / Restoration Award from the American Institute of Architects Central Illinois Chapter.


Rock Island, Illinois


Design Vignette

Bailey Edward replaced a 1960s loggia infill with a new glazing system, repaired the dormers and windows, and installed a new roof. These efforts eliminated several water leakage problems and greatly increased the life of the building. In returning many of the building elements to their original historic character, this architectural gem will continue to serve as a prime example of historically intact Civilian Conservation Corps architecture in Illinois.