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University of Chicago Medicine and Biological Sciences Surgery Brain Laboratory Renovation

We are very pleased to work with Bailey Edward; you are doing an outstanding job. We would like to do more work together in the future if this is the quality of service Bailey Edward provides! — Client Project Manager


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Project Summary

The University of Chicago Medicine and Biological Sciences charged Bailey Edward with modernizing the interior of a 2,000 sq. ft. wet laboratory used for cell research. The renovated space incorporates new HVAC systems and relocated equipment such as bio safety hoods, minus 80 degree freezers and incubators. New shared spaces in the laboratory have been created for a new glassware washer and sterilizer and ADA accessible washrooms.

Renovations to the existing wet laboratory involved a new laboratory configuration, a tissue culture room, a microscope room, an auto clave / glass wash room, expansion of a faculty office and a multi-purpose room. 

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Chicago, Illinois


Design Vignette

The cell research performed in this modernized laboratory involves harvested tissue cultures. It was imperative the renovation accommodate the researchers needs for proper storage of the tissue and adequate, flexible work spaces for research, including bench and microscope areas. A renovation of this nature included challenges such as working within an occupied facility, abiding of infection control procedures and attempting to reuse existing casework. The architectural and engineering design team engaged in a process of discovery, survey and analysis to accomplish the desired design solution.