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Project Summary

North Shore Baptist Church in Chicago, IL has welcomed individuals from all over the world for the past 100 years. The historic building is home to four multicultural congregations that worship in four different languages. They needed a strategic master plan that would efficiently utilize the current space to accommodate each worship group’s necessities while providing a communal gathering space, and improving overall safety and accessibly.

Master planning began with a code and accessibility and a meeting with each faith group to identify goals and needs options. Projects were phased, space planning and renovations were outlined, and 3D renderings and floor plans were presented along with opinions of probable cost.

Phase I focused on executing necessary life safety code and accessibility upgrades on both the interior and exterior of the building. Phase I also included interior design changes to make the space feel more welcoming, such as the expansion of the narthex / fellowship space to allow congregates to gather after services without disrupting others.

Phase II includes audio and visual improvements throughout the congregation spaces, and a revised pew layout and general renovation of Howell Hall, the dedicated worship space for the Spanish-speaking members of the congregation. The goal of the design is to express the culture of the congregation and bring technological upgrades to support their contemporary-style worship sessions.


Chicago, Illinois


Design Vignette

For over one hundred years North Shore Baptist Church has served Chicago's Andersonville neighborhood. Their multicultural congregation accommodates worship services in four languages - English, Spanish, Japanese and Karen.