Project Title

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign School of Labor and Employment Relations Conceptualization Study

Great meeting today! It had all the essentials: start on time; cordials suitable for the occasion; clarity of mission; specificity (completely devoid of indecision); a boldly stated completion date; and, the all-important rare quality of brevity. — Client Project Manager


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Project Summary

The School of Labor and Employment Relations (LER) teaches and conducts research that spans the fields and disciplines of human resource management, industrial relations, economics, psychology, law, sociology, political sciences, history, and American studies. The present classroom
space has only enough room for students to sit at tables, without group breakout space.

To alleviate this space challenge, the new design includes a below grade tiered classroom to accommodate 60 students with the roof used as a commons area. The proposed project also upgrades office space, hallways and entries to the building.

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Champaign, Illinois


Design Vignette

To create a visual representation of the renovations outlined in the study, Bailey Edward developed rendered viewpoints using software tools Google Sketch-Up, Maxwell Render and Adobe Photoshop.