Project Title

Thomas J. Waters Elementary School Addition & Renovation

That is outstanding news! Thanks to both of your teams for defending the design and saving the Board’s scarce funds…thanks again for a job well done. — Client Senior Project Manager


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Project Summary

The project plan for Chicago Public Schools’ Thomas J. Waters Elementary School is particularly noteworthy for its sustainability, feasibility and practicability. In response to the school district’s needs, Bailey Edward designed an additional educational space that could be flexibly used as both classroom and recreational space.

Energy-efficient features are fundamental to the original design and therefore attend every aspect of the resulting structure. The one-story addition features low-flow plumbing fixtures, solar panels and a hydronic, radiant-floor system. Landscaping for the school makes use of drought-resistant native plants throughout the premises, including a rooftop garden. Two 540-gallon cisterns filled with rainwater provide irrigation while the storm-water-management system’s bioswales reduce runoff. With all of the conceived green building innovations, the facility is designed to meet LEED Silver Certification.

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Chicago, Illinois


Design Vignette

Bailey Edward’s sustainably-focused solution addresses lighting through the wall of glass built on the building’s south side, combined with an upward-angling roof, which allows for maximum penetration of natural light. When electrical lighting is required, sensors regulate their use. Heat and glare from the sun are blocked by two overhangs (including an awning) that shade the south-facing glass. Besides providing aesthetic benefits, this configuration minimizes the use of electricity.