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Project Summary

A one-story and two-story addition housing an additional 130 soldiers of Forward Support for the Army National Guard was designed within a nine month schedule. Bailey Edward undertook a design charrette to ensure the program and speed the design process. The scope of work includes administrative work areas, training/classrooms and locker rooms. Vehicle parking was also expanded for military and public use.

Sustainability features were determined through the use of daylighting studies and energy modeling which aided in locating solar shades and solar walls, as well as aided in placing solar tubes sizing of windows and quantifying artificial lighting needs. This addition is in the process of achieving LEED Silver Certification.

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Milan, Illinois


Design Vignette

Bailey Edward’s design for the exterior design of this addition incorporates seven words as Morse Code patterns on the walls that symbolize the Army National Guard values: Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Service, Honor, Integrity, and Courage. Firmly embedded in the bricks and mortar of this building, these words will serve as daily inspiration to all who choose to serve our country.