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Project Summary

The existing chamber space was previously built out in the 1980’s. The client expressed to Bailey Edward that the jury room was found to be too small and the bathrooms were not accessible. In addition, the overall space planning did not utilize the space effectively. Bailey Edward proposed a design that increases the size of the Judge’s Chamber and Jury Room by taking out the conference room. A new conference room will be created in an area of the suite which is currently underutilized.

Additional coordination was provided to ensure that all changes to the building respond to the ARRA project concurrently underway for the building and for proper abatement and mitigation of existing asbestos containing materials and lead based paint.

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Indianapolis, Indiana


Design Vignette

The Judge expressed to Bailey Edward a desire for a contemporary space that respected the building’s historical character. This goal was accomplished with a palette of warm natural colors utilizing a color range found in the historical courthouse wall panel which mirrors the rolling farm fields of Indiana.