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Project Summary

Bailey Edward leads a team of architecture and engineering specialists on an open-end retainer contract for work on General Services Administration (GSA) facilities. Projects vary in size and scope and are presented to the design team on an as-needed basis. The scope of the work includes architectural facility surveys, ADA compliance, health life safety assessments and security design. Retro-commissioning, construction administration, interior design and space planning are also provided. Building types include courthouses and various federal agency office buildings.

Bailey Edward has developed a protocol which provides responsive services to the GSA including the 100% return of proposals within mandated time frames and 100% delivery of construction documents on schedule while coordinating the efforts of numerous consultants located throughout the states of Illinois and Indiana.

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Illinois (Outside Cook County) and Indiana


Design Vignette

The Urbana U.S. Courthouse was selected for retro-commissioning, performed by Bailey Edward, due to high energy usage per square foot compared to other GSA buildings in Illinois and Indiana. The building systems covered included evaluation and performance of the building automation and energy management system and identifying energy conservation, water conservation and renewable energy opportunities. Our study outlined a 20% increase in energy efficiency. This was the first submitted ARRA Retro-Commissioning report in the Midwest region.