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Project Summary

The challenge in this project was to create an appropriate Judge’s Chamber space from a former court room, storage space and computer lab. Bailey Edward met with GSA officials and U.S. Court of Appeals representatives to establish the project needs and renovation requirements.

Investigations included review of exiting and path of travel requirements to ensure they met code requirements; as well as review of the building systems and structures. Obscured textured glass windows and doors were designed for the offices to give a sense of space to the corridor and offices. Existing barristers’ bookcases were refinished and used to create additional book storage in the corridor.

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Bloomington, Indiana


Design Vignette

Bailey Edward observed that the existing leased spaces had limited windows and faced north. To bring the natural daylight into the interior of the suite of offices, clerestory windows were created. In walls opposite the windows, all new custom bleached white oak trim profiles, doors, transoms and case work was created to warm and lighten the work environment, amplifying the northern light available.