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Project Summary

Psychiatric clinic design is presently at the forefront of the Veterans Affairs’ concerns: creating safe environments, creating healing environments and maximizing clinical efficacy. It was important Bailey Edward consider the neurological impact alongside the clinical needs of patient care and safety when designing this mental health in-patient hospital.
Patient Pavilion is equipped with the privacy of 28 single-occupancy patient rooms. This feature, combined with opportunities for small and large group social interaction in public and private areas, offers patients options for varying degrees of interaction depending on their state of wellness. This provides nurses with a variety of clinical, social and private environment options to better suit each veteran’s individual wellness progression, thus enabling faster recovery. The building will be a certified LEED Silver facility.


Danville, Illinois


Design Vignette

Through a discovery process involving a charette, staff interviews and Bailey Edward’s past experience in psychiatric facility design, the primary clinical goal was to reduce the number of in-hospital days for short-term patients. By using a variety of interior volumes, and abundant natural light, the veterans’ physical environment will nurture a progressive recovery to independent living; counteracting historically long stay times.