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The Architect’s Ultimate Responsibilities - Shaped by Health

Look around you. The built environment is full of design artifacts from the evolution of public health. As ideas of public health evolve, architects and planners thoughtfully design the way we live to keep us healthy with sanitary interventions like indoor plumbing to public ... More

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There are often barriers for our clients to pursue new projects whether it be funding, timing, or government regulation. In Illinois, hospitals are required to produce a Certificate of Need for new construction approvals on healthcare facilities. This regulation is used as a way to combat healthcare price inflation. When a hospital has ... More

Enhanced Sketch Up

By Chris Hainer

Visualization is an important part of architectural design. Few people are comfortable interpreting plans and elevations into buildings or rooms. Therefore, architects use three-dimensional perspectives to show massing, materiality, and other information in a quickly understandable format. Additionally, Bailey Edward uses ... More