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As our communities discover new lifestyles for living, working, and playing, our designers have shared ways to make the built environment safer and healthier during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Bailey Edward would like to say thank you to our clients who continue to shape positive change for us all.

Down in DuPage, current Bailey Edward ... More

Rona Room
Many people across the world are embracing a new reality embedded in virtual connectivity as they slowly transition into limited face-to-face contact. For higher education faculty and students, the upcoming school year raises a shared feeling of uncertainty that poses a key question: what is the impact of COVID-19 on the present and future of on-campus housing? For designers the question becomes how can we help mitigate the spread of illness in on-campus housing while maintaining its cultural experience?
Covid Classrooms
As learning environments are re-assessed in the plans to bring students back to campus, active learning spaces already have an advantage over more traditional classrooms. Active leaning classrooms contain attributes which are inherently adaptable for future teaching styles and pedagogy. This also means they have the flexibility required to meet the challenges associated with learning environments in the post-COVID world.
Altgeld Collage

From Bailey Edward’s offices to the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Chancellor’s, the excitement of updating and preserving Altgeld Hall has elicited some creative renditions of the historic building. Check out some of our favorites below!

3 D Printed Altgeld

Champaign Branch Manager Kevin Schnebly has been assisting the Bailey Edward preservation ... More


We’ve come a long way from the days when our science teacher would roll in a TV to play a relevant episode of Bill Nye the Science Guy. But though the screens in the classroom have drastically changed in the last 60 years, the basics of designing a classroom around a screen haven’t changed too much. Just take a look at Dave Chapman’s Design ... More

Enhanced Sketch Up

By Chris Hainer

Visualization is an important part of architectural design. Few people are comfortable interpreting plans and elevations into buildings or rooms. Therefore, architects use three-dimensional perspectives to show massing, materiality, and other information in a quickly understandable format. Additionally, Bailey Edward uses ... More

Uiuc Spherical 5 Reduced

By Chris Hainer

My site visit maxim is “There can never be too many photos.” To explain, I like to tell the story of the missing boilers. On a site visit years ago, my coworker and I walked through a facility with a mechanical room that was probably half full with very large boilers. We took several pictures yet when I needed to know the ... More


With extreme financial strains and a highly competitive environment for the top students, today’s education administrator needs to run an efficient and high quality operation. Bailey Edward is working with both higher education and high school administrators to examine the current and future adequacy of their existing facilities to help them ... More

Uic Stevenson Workshop 1 25

The gratification we receive from helping our clients uncover the potential for their campus always begins with human connections and the desire to investigate and understand each challenge in order to create a unique response, a responsive design. Our latest challenge is to assist the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) lead the charge ... More