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A brick on its own isn’t much more than a doorstop or an over-the-top paperweight. But together, each and every brick is an integral part of something magnificent. The bricks making up Bailey Edward are project managers, interns, engineers, architects, designers, clients, consultants, studies, and more. For our projects to move from idea to ... More


It’s no surprise that architecture rapidly changes. We witness the evolution of forces acting on architecture every day, such as patterns of movement and technology that shape trends in the built environment. Of course, architecture is temporal, the built environment evolves with the demands of a changing society.

For example, the Illinois ... More

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March is Women’s History Month and as a woman-owned firm, it provides Bailey Edward an important reminder to acknowledge where women stand in the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry. Women have a come a long way, but not without facing trial and tribulation. Furthermore, it is clear there is still a level of ... More