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Yaf Box City 4

Ellen Dickson was delighted to receive her 25-year certificate from the American Institute of Architects (AIA) Chicago, a recognition which made her travel through a personal time capsule. Her first entry into the AIA was serving on the Design Committee supporting their efforts to promote good design through AIA awards and publications as ... More


With extreme financial strains and a highly competitive environment for the top students, today’s education administrator needs to run an efficient and high quality operation. Bailey Edward is working with both higher education and high school administrators to examine the current and future adequacy of their existing facilities to help them ... More

Estes Front And Side Cropped

Not every client asks you if you are carrying a gun. In Bailey Edward’s early days, one did. To keep our business afloat, we took on some challenging projects in some neighborhoods and buildings that weren’t the safest. Now we are doing work for the military who is keeping America safe. It’s a weird twist of events.

Once we were going to ... More

Uic Stevenson Workshop 1 25

The gratification we receive from helping our clients uncover the potential for their campus always begins with human connections and the desire to investigate and understand each challenge in order to create a unique response, a responsive design. Our latest challenge is to assist the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) lead the charge ... More

Moose 2 Resized

Robin, Ellen and the moose is one of my favorite Bailey Edward photos from our 25 years in business. Why is a moose so special? Simply put, to me the moose is a symbol of our successful partnership. The moose is only in the picture because of who we are and how we work together.

On an office field trip in Vermont, I saw a menagerie of ... More