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Observations | Products for a Post Covid-19 World

Favorite Products Preview


So many designers have come up with brilliant solutions to the new problems and adjustments we all need to make in order to move forward in the post-Covid-19 world. Here are some of our favorites:


Are your hands sad and dry from the constant washing and hand sanitizing? You’ll still need to wash them, but if you run low on sanitizer, you can consider opening doors and operating utilities with the Handz3. This clever hook can help you get a grip on handles, buttons, levers, and more!

Handgriff Hoch


Did you leave your Handz3 at home or are your hands too full to operate an additional tool? You wouldn’t need to worry about doors as much with the StepNPull!

This clever door handle is operated with your foot, eliminating the need for you to touch a potentially germ-ridden door handle or knob. How often do you touch your face with your shoes anyways? Oh...

Alternative Coronavirus Masks Max Siedentopf Dezeen 2364 Col 6

Stylish Facemasks

If you’re using a shoe (or an orange, a piece of lettuce, or any of these other Max Siedentopf suggestions) as a mask but are embarrassed that it’s not the latest Air Jordan, perhaps a stylish face shield is in order for you. Joe Doucet and Partners designed this classy mask that'll not only protect you from contagions such as COVID-19 but also your eyes from solar rays. And because it sits on your ears as standard sunglasses would, the discomforts of homemade masks are less apparent.


Of course, you shouldn’t have to break the bank to have proper protection when going outside with others. There are several made-to-order stores who will have you in a cool mask in no time. And if you want to 3D print your own, just ask Kevin!

Hands-Free Door opener

Speaking of Kevin, here is another helpful project for anyone who has a 3D printer: an oversized handle that can be zip-tied to an existing pull door so that the user can open the door with their forearm. You can download the free 3D print file here: https://handsfreedesign.co/

Dogs & Cats

Okay, so maybe these furry friends aren’t anything new, but when stay-at-home orders mean you can’t go visit other humans, dogs and cats can help add some much-needed daily rhythm to our disrupted schedules. Their cute faces are sure to take your mind off your worries such as Taylor’s new puppy, Betty. And you can train them! Just check out Gretchen’s Cat, Hamburglar, helping with some CAD work!