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25th Anniversary | Ellen, Robin & a Moose

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Robin, Ellen and the moose is one of my favorite Bailey Edward photos from our 25 years in business. Why is a moose so special? Simply put, to me the moose is a symbol of our successful partnership. The moose is only in the picture because of who we are and how we work together.

On an office field trip in Vermont, I saw a menagerie of chainsaw-carved animals and I cajoled Robin into stopping to visit this wood zoo. Then I had to talk him into taking a photo with this absurdly large animal, the moose. Okay, to me it’s funny because Robin is so serious and to have him standing next to a moose makes strange bedfellows. I know that he secretly rolled his eyes in disbelief, but he agreed. However, he drew a firm line on crossing over into silly. We can stand by the moose but we can’t ride the moose which I so wanted us to do for the photo.

Agreeing to get photographed in front of the moose exemplifies Robin as the yin to my yang. I know that Robin counts on me to have off-the-wall visions that help us see opportunities in design and business. Yet I know that I count on him to temper them. To make sure our actions are the right ones, the strongest ones and the achievable ones.

I look at the picture and I think about how well we get along. It resounds with the expression of how Robin and I work together: with respect, comradery and trust. It expresses the wonderful dynamic of two founding principals’ different personas coming together to make a greater whole and we wouldn’t be as successful without each other. Thanks for putting up with my odd sense of humor. Thanks for appreciating it, too. I wouldn’t have been able to do it without you. And the moose thanks you, too.

~Ellen Dickson