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From Minneapolis to Cincinnati with a few stops in between, Bailey Edward architects, interior designers, and engineers have been hard at work designing homes anyone would be proud to live in. The team is currently working on seven housing developments with over 750 units ranging from affordable senior living to market-rate two-bedroom apartments ... More


Proudly serving the Illinois Air and Army National Guard since 2003, Bailey Edward is adding to our readiness center portfolio by bringing our Illinois experience into Wisconsin. Teaming with the Wisconsin-based Boer Architects, Bailey Edward is the design architect and interior designer for the 28,000-sf renovation and 25,000-sf addition to the ... More

When looking back on our childhood bedrooms, many of us will think of them fondly as a safe place to relax, play, and figure out who we are away from mom and dad. But for children who have been displaced from their families due to poverty or immigration, the basic security and privacy of a bedroom is not available. The Bailey Edward Interiors Team ... More

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Bailey Edward is flying high with excitement in anticipation of working on the Illinois State Capitol Dome in Springfield, Illinois. Standing at 361 feet, our state capitol building is the tallest non-sky-scraper capitol in the country, even taller than the United States Capitol Building in D.C.

Construction began in 1868 on the current Illinois ... More

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Many of us at Bailey Edward have fond memories of escaping to the National Parks in the summer, taking in the sights, exploring nature, and learning about our country’s natural and national history. Now, we will help ensure the infrastructure of our country’s Midwest region parks is safe and secure for years to come.

The National Parks Service ... More

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June marks the end of the Chicago Public School year as students and staff take off for summer vacation, carrying their attention away from the halls and schoolyards. However, at Bailey Edward we’re focusing even more on schools, especially school construction.
Waters Elementary School in Lincoln Square serves a diverse community of students and ... More

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It’s no surprise that data technology is growing rapidly. At the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC), enrollments in the Departments of Mathematics and Statistics are up 40 percent in the last ten years. To accommodate these growing departments, UIUC is looking to expand their facilities to support the departments by restoring the ... More

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Out in Fox River Grove, our engineers are hard at work on a variety of projects working for BE and other architects and contractors. Last week was National Engineers Week and we’re celebrating by announcing that our engineers were awarded the Illinois Math and Science Academy (IMSA) Heating and Cooling Systems Replacement project with the Capital ... More


With the addition of Tim Scovic, AIA, Bailey Edward’s historic preservation team has experts in each stage of a preservation project, allowing us to address each of the clients’ needs from comprehensive understanding of the existing building, to technical implementation, through completion.

Tim specializes in preparing historic structures ... More

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To bring a building to fruition, the coordination of countless moving parts is essential. All parties involved, the architects, engineers, and contractors, are working to make sure they implement their work without conflicting with one another. However, sometimes the architects’ vision and building system realities don’t align. BE’s coordination ... More


On September 6th, a few days after disclosing he will not seek reelection as Mayor of Chicago, Rahm Emanuel spoke at City Colleges of Chicago’s Malcolm X College West Side Learning Center (WSLC) announcing a $5 million investment at the WSLC. While Mayor Emanuel will no longer be serving the City of Chicago, he is working to make sure the ... More

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Bailey Edward is fortunate to have projects diverse enough to touch many different market sectors ranging from laboratories, higher education, government buildings, residential and faith environments. One common thread between many of these: historic preservation.

When it comes to preservation, Bailey Edward is leading the preservation practice ... More

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As experts in the field of master planning, Bailey Edward understands how our clients’ facilities must be planned to coordinate with and support a development plan that ensures long-term success. Our planning work creates impactful and positive influences for those we serve by transforming previously underutilized and underdeveloped spaces into ... More

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Bailey Edward had the privilege of working on four different chiller replacement projects in 2016-2017 for the U.S. Geological Service Upper Midwest Environmental Service Center, the U.S. Department of Agriculture National Centers for Animal Health, Veterans Affairs, and the General Services Administration E. Ross Adair Federal Courthouse. Each ... More

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In 1901, Illinois architectural firm Reeves and Baillie designed the Illinois State Fairgrounds Coliseum. Over 115 years later, Bailey Edward has been awarded the project of renovating and repairing the Coliseum to its former glory. The building is constructed of steel, brick and ... More

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City Colleges of Chicago’s Malcolm X is beginning the design redevelopment of the West Side Learning Center. Malcolm X is looking to amplify their program by upgrading their classrooms, laboratories and clinical experiences. This will provide students with high quality facilities that will allow for hands-on experience and procedural practice. To ... More

Bchs Townhall

Built in 1843, the Lucius and Emily Read house was a focal point for activity in the young community of Byron, Illinois. The home hosted a variety of congregational activities and was a hub for Lucius’ own business endeavors. Known as fierce abolitionists, the Read family provided a safe haven for those on their journey north as part of the ... More


After over four decades of decay and deterioration, one of Gary, Indiana's most iconic buildings is being brought back to life with a fresh new purpose. Although the glory of the City Methodist Church is nearly gone, it is not forgotten as part of Gary's rich historic fabric. Bailey Edward and its team of expert consultants are sowing the seeds ... More

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At Bailey Edward, we are always searching for creative, responsive, and outside-the-box design solutions not just for our client’s projects but for ourselves as well. In the last ten years Bailey Edward has changed dramatically, and as our company has grown, so has our main office located at 35 East Wacker Drive, Suite 2800, Chicago IL. In order ... More

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With the new school year starting, students need an escape from the stress of moving, school supply shopping, adjusting back to early morning classes and late night study sessions, and the realization that summer is over. On the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign campus, Japan House offers both University students and the broader community ... More

Hanley Exterior

With a new emphasis on communication and collaboration, the trend of open working spaces is revitalizing professional workplaces. The Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) is following suit, encouraging more meaningful meetings and collaboration among their facility users. To support this vision, Bailey Edward is converting the Hanley ... More

Revised Iroquois

Modern banking no longer fits the classic mold of teller lines with velvet ropes and rigid, enclosed teller windows. As trends in banking are leaning towards more open hospitable environments, it is crucial that interior spaces of banks reflect these growing trends in order to present an up-to-date, fresh image to their customers. As part of its ... More

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Solve for X is often the request for a complex geometry problem, but for the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign English Building’s complicated roof geometry with domes, dormers and over 145 roof surfaces, the Bailey Edward team required more than pencil and paper. Built in 1907 with a 1911 addition, the English Building’s slate had not ... More

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Baker Demonstration School is a progressive school, one that does not stop at academics but attends to the whole child. Working with the master planning firm, The Lakota Group, Bailey Edward is leading Baker through the re-imagination of their 1960’s era building, formerly the National College of Education, located in Wilmette, Illinois. This will ... More