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Dual Purpose Laboratory Enhances Research & Learning at Roosevelt University's College of Pharmacy

Roosevelt Pharmacy Lab


Roosevelt University’s (RU) campus in Schaumburg was facing insufficient laboratory space for their growing enrollment. To deliver a laboratory into service more expediently, Bailey Edward with Scott Labs employed a ‘turn-key’ approach utilizing standard metal laboratory casework, configured to provide flexible teaching and research space. Working closely with the distributor, layouts and costing for the casework, countertops, sinks, and other equipment were quickly laid out, and a firm budget figure was set early in the project.

Bailey Edward streamlined planning, incorporating life safety accommodations, safety showers and eye washes, and ensured ADA was accommodated at entrances, sinks, hoods, and other equipment clearances. Through the use of symmetry, the space provides a central instructional podium, with good sight lines for students. The distributed wet lab benching, combined with distributed support equipment such as laboratory hoods, freezers and other equipment, provides compact work triangles for the researchers.

The new dual-purpose laboratory received accolades from teachers, students and administration in a Daily Herald article: Roosevelt University opens new pharmacy lab at Schaumburg campus by Laura Janota. Positive attributes included functionality, sustainability, and technology. In addition, the lab paves the way for increased faculty research and attracts the attention of potential students.