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Design Competition - On-The-Job Advantage

Future Prentice Board (1)


Architectural design competitions are an opportunity for emerging design professionals to research and learn about current social and economic trends. The challenge comes in using that intelligence to articulate the role architecture can play in a solution. Design competitions provide an opportunity where the designer is free to explore and craft architectural responses to these issues.

The staff of Bailey Edward routinely participates in architectural design competitions. Generally, a team of designers coalesce and strategize options that expand from addressing the needs of the client to encompass innovative approaches new to the field. Bailey Edward staff developed a design for the redevelopment of an old air force base; the solution transforms the base into a research and production center for bio-fuel and drone testing and provides the local community with cultural resources such as a performing arts center and nature park.

In recent months, staff member Damon Wilson prepared a design response to a call for entries that addressed the re-use of the historically-significant Prentice Hospital in Chicago. The cantilevered cloverleaf building, designed by famed architect Bertrand Goldberg, was completed in 1975. Wilson’s design response (pictured) allowed him to “have a voice and be a participant to push the conversation forward about architecture and our relationship to it as humans.” By engaging in design competitions, Wilson finds he’s able to fold the strategies and architectural language explored back into our work.