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Award | Squad Ops Earns LEED Silver



During a whole-building renovation of the Squadron Operations Building at Scott Air Force Base in Belleville Illinois, Bailey Edward has made Building 5008 a greener space for the 126th Operations battalion to work and has been recognized by the U.S. Green Building council with a LEED Silver certification!

When Bailey Edward renovated the to maximize efficiency of the physical space, it also presented an opportunity for the building to minimize its environmental impact.

Green Initiative Highlights:

  • • To minimize and eliminate expansion of the building footprint, a 3D laser scan of the mechanical space provided an efficient and accurate means to locate the existing infrastructure and coordinate the work of the various engineering disciplines. The 3D scan allowed Bailey Edward and their engineers to digitally capture a “data point cloud.” The point cloud is then transformed into a REVIT model which accurately reflects locations, heights, and dimensions of all equipment and piping. Using this model, a new Geothermal Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) system was determined to fit in the available space.
  • • This Geothermal VRF system not only provides independent modulation of heating and cooling capacity in every room, ensuring everyone is comfortable in their work environment, it also helps remove heat from the ground heat exchanger and reduces the required size of said heat exchanger.
  • • LEED energy modeling results estimate that the Geothermal VRF system provides energy savings of about 41% and an annual energy cost savings of about $17,681 per year.
  • • Shifting to an open office environment created green benefits for the Illinois National Guard, allowing for more views and daylight to illuminate the office, thus minimizing the use of artificial lighting.
  • • When artificial light does need to be used, new, energy-efficient LED fixtures provide increased energy savings.

With these renovations and upgrades, the 126th Operations group not only has the space to get through their day-to-day with improved flow and functionality but can do so in an environment that is more comfortable, improving soldier satisfaction and, therefore, aiding in mission success for years to come.