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Waters Preview


This month, Waters has been rising. But we aren’t talking about the rain that may have flooded your basement last week. We’re talking about Thomas J. Waters Elementary School, the Chicago Public School focusing its curriculum on providing hands-on, authentic learning in all content areas focused on the development of the whole child, through integration of the arts, environmental studies, multiculturalism and technology.

Construction on the new Annex began last November and has continued at a steady clip throughout the stay-at-home order. When Architect James Auler was finally able to visit the site for the first time in a little over a month, he was happy to see how much progress had been made. “It was really exciting to see as I haven’t been there in a month and it has become a full-fledged building,” James said. “The masonry looks excellent so far and the joints at the corbeled brick are tooled just the way we wanted.”

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Once completed, Waters Elementary students will return to school with a new 30,000 square foot, three story addition which will give them more room than ever to continue their education. The new space will feature spaces for children of all abilities to explore their creativity including special needs classrooms for three age groups, a computer lab, a music classroom, an art classroom complete with a kiln, and a new library/media center. The space also includes an elevator to ensure all children, regardless of physical ability, can navigate their school.

Waters Rendering