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Community | Backing our Healthcare Workers

Mask Preview


Kevin is putting his 3D printer into overtime during the stay-at-home order. But rather than printing architectural models or fishing accessories as he has in the past, he’s creating face mask extenders and face shields to protect not only Bailey Edward personnel in the field, but also the medical workers that are so essential to keeping us all healthy, especially during this unprecedented pandemic.

The face mask extenders help doctors, nurses, and other medical personnel added comfort so that they can continue their day with one less distraction. Traditional medical masks can tug on the ears, causing discomfort. And with the shortage of PPE, many hospitals are relying on homemade masks, for which there is no standard pattern. Kevin’s facemask holders relieve the pressure from the ears and allow masks that may have previously been too small to fit onto larger heads. To date, Kevin has printed over 100 extenders to donate to Champaign-area hospitals, care centers, and pharmacies. And he’s ready to print more if they’re needed!

When his printer isn’t busy with extenders, Kevin is also printing face shields. Using a pattern he modified to fit on the smaller bed of his printer, he creates a visor into which he can snap a clear plastic shield. One shield takes about an hour and fifteen minutes to print. These shields offer full facial protection without obstructing one’s vision. He has also created a modified version of the same shield that can easily clip onto a construction helmet, providing the Bailey Edward team added protection when visiting sites deemed essential as they continue construction during this time.

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Do you have a 3D printer at home and would like to print these bands for the healthcare workers in your community? You download the files Kevin used from Thingiverse here.

If you also have a smaller 3D printer, you can download Kevin’s modified faceshield here.

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