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Projects | Building Community with Gift of Hope



Many of us figuratively give away our hearts in February, but year-round, Gift of Hope gives out real ones and more for individuals in need. Collecting and distributing vital organs for over 23,000 patients is just the beginning: when Gift of Hope wanted to expand their Chicagoland presence, they included room for Malcolm X Community College and Community Blood Center to create a powerhouse of service and outreach in the Chatham neighborhood.

Once completed, Gift of Hope’s newly renovated facility will not only contribute to more accessible organ and blood donations for the greater Chicagoland area, but it will also brighten the lives of those living closer to it, providing opportunities, for education, employment, and giving. By designing classrooms, phlebotomy labs, student services, lounges, and fitness centers, Bailey Edward is ensuring Malcolm X Community College has a new venue to train the next generation of health and fitness professionals. And with donation and support areas, we are ensuring Community Blood center will have what they need to provide vital fluids for those in need.

Just like the donors who help give life to those in need, so too will this Gift of Hope facility breathe new life into this southside neighborhood by providing new opportunities to those nearby. We are proud to be a part of a project that will help not only these three generous organizations but also the community-at-large.