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Community | Funds for Sacred Places

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Is your worship facility of national or regional significance? Does your congregation provide benefits for the community at-large? Is your facility in need of urgent repairs? If you answered “yes” to any or all of these questions, you may be eligible for a grant from the National Fund for Sacred Places!

Each year, the National Fund for Sacred Places, a program of Partners for Sacred Places in collaboration with the National Trust for Historic Preservation, offers 14-16 congregations capital grants and support services to best put that money to use. By 2023, the National Trust and Partners for Sacred Places will have provided over $20 million in capital grants to 100 recipients—that’s not including the seven million dollars of support Partners for Sacred Places has given directly. Grants can be as large as $250,000 depending on congregation fundraising.

Partners for Sacred Places has been working to ensure congregations and their historic facilities are capable of nurturing, transforming, and shaping their communities since 1989. The organization holds a special place in Bailey Edward’s heart as Technical Principal Robin Whitehurst has served on the Board of Directors as both a Board Member and Treasurer, using his expertise as an architect and businessman to advise the organization in its development from primarily relying on grant funding to one providing programs that strengthen congregations as well as the communities that surround them.

To apply for a grant from the National Fund for Sacred Places, please click here. Letters of Intent are due April 22nd with the full application due July 13th. Apply for this grant here!