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Projects | Climbing the State Capitol Dome

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After countless trips up and down the nearly 300 stairs of the Illinois State Capitol Dome in Springfield, Bailey Edward and a team of specialists have completed a comprehensive survey using a wide variety of technology to determine not only the current state of the building’s gorgeous dome and tower, but also to recommend what steps should be made to ensure it can continue to stand tall for years to come. Both the exterior of the Dome and tower were investigated as well as the interior space between the outer dome and inner dome.

Along with some open seams in the outer dome’s protective metal skin, Bailey Edward found other locations where the sheet metal overlaps incorrectly, which allow rain and moisture to enter the space between the domes, causing several leaks within the building. The Bailey Edward team also will study historical wear-and-tear such as the effect of the high-sulfur coal used to heat and illuminate the Capitol Dome back in the day.

A complete study report will be provided to the Illinois Secretary of State based on the survey findings and the teams research, including architectural drawings donated by the Lincoln Library’s Sangamon Valley Collection. The report will function as a guide to the Illinois Secretary of State’s office to address repairs and ensure all changes made will be true to the Statehouse’s historical profile so that it can continue to stand tall for years to come!

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