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Services | Neil Charges Up with SKM Power*Tools

Neil Skm Powertools


Electrical designer Neil Nigos is charging up his SKM Power*Tools skills! After a three-day course focusing on program interface and the management of multiple scenarios including demand load, sizing, load flow, short circuit, load schedules, captor and motor starting calculation procedures, Neil is ready to ensure that all Bailey Edward projects requiring power systems analysis can be done in a flash.

SKM Power*Tools is used by commercial, light & heavy industrial, institutional, utility, and petrochemical sites and facilities worldwide to analyze and design power systems. “Since power system analysis is required by the National Electrical Code and, of course, adopted by our clients, I like to incorporate load flow analysis, fault, short circuit, coordination, and arc flash studies,” Neil explains. The software will also allow him to more efficiently perform motor starting, transient stability, reliability, harmonics, grounding and cable pulling designs.

The benefits brought by this software doesn’t stop at code requirements though. Neil says SKM Power*Tools will also help in “…specifying the right overcurrent protection with the right settings, available fault current or short circuit calculations on service equipment (per NFPA 70 article 110.24), arc flash risk assessment (NFPA 70E Article 130.5) or five-year hazards studies every, etc.” Neil will really be able to add a spark to Bailey Edward electrical design projects now!