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People | Robin Becomes APT Recognized Professional

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While the broad shoulders of Chicago sagged under the cold damp of autumn, Robin and Karla escaped to Miami where, in the words of Will Smith, "the heat is always on." But our two historic preservationists didn't come for your typical beach party; they came instead for the annual Association for Preservation Technology International Conference.

Set against Miami's rich historical melting pot backdrop, this year's APT conference focused on some of the most pressing issues in the modern field of preservation technology including climate change, sustainability, conservation of post-modern heritage, as well as topics affecting architecture as a whole such as diversity, population change, and gentrification.

To top off a week full of sessions, workshops, and symposiums, the APT welcomed Robin and 23 others as Recognized Professions for being individuals with specialized knowledge in the use of preservation technology to conserve cultural heritage. The APT committee chose Robin for his outstanding contributions to historic preservation and his use of technology in the process.

Congratulations, Robin!