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Historic Illinois Schools - Community Assets

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Historic schools and older school buildings can be successfully rehabilitated into 21st century teaching environments, they can continue to be assets to their communities and provide continuity. Support for this sentiment is demonstrated by Gov. Pat Quinn signing into state school construction law an amendment that allows school districts to consider rehabilitating aging buildings, rather than just demolishing and replacing them.

"These structures are typically a significant aspect of the built environment of communities. I'm glad to see the state recognizes both the cultural contribution of the buildings, as well as the sustainability qualities of rehabilitation." shared Bailey Edward Principal, Robin Whitehurst. "In my opinion, rehabilitation should be considered first and foremost for those reasons and for economic reasons. Many of these schools are of very durable construction and were built to last." added Whitehurst.

Through Bailey Edward's work with Chicago Public Schools and the Champaign School District, we have collaborated on the rehabilitation of a number of older school buildings that range from an early childhood learning center in a converted bread baking factory, to additions and remodeling including energy efficient upgrades to four elementary schools in Champaign. As architects, Bailey Edward staff are passionate about protecting the character of historic structures.

Read SB 639 here