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On The Boards | Helping Our State Capitol Stand Tall

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Bailey Edward is flying high with excitement in anticipation of working on the Illinois State Capitol Dome in Springfield, Illinois. Standing at 361 feet, our state capitol building is the tallest non-sky-scraper capitol in the country, even taller than the United States Capitol Building in D.C.

Construction began in 1868 on the current Illinois State Capitol building. Progress was hindered due to corruption and poor craftsmanship. But the state legislature couldn’t wait for the building to be complete to move in; the rapid economic growth of the state after the Civil War meant that the old building did not have enough room for the people and paperwork needed to keep the state running. In 1877, 11 years before construction would officially be complete, the Illinois Capitol held its first legislative session. Since then, the state capitol building has seen many renovations to its wings housing the state’s legislative and executive branches, but the dome has been neglected, giving way to cracks and leaks.

We will be performing a careful inspection of the fourth-floor colonnade level and above, including the inner and outer dome as well as the exterior stone. The resulting comprehensive study will include a detailed and prioritized list of recommended corrections and repairs to guide future preservation efforts of the Illinois State Capitol Dome.