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Group Shot


The Bailey Edward golf team may not have been the best on the course, but they were certainly the best-dressed! To benefit SOS Children's Villages Illinois and Saturday Place, two Chicago-area non-profits aiming to create brighter futures for disadvantaged children, Zach Clark, Kent Locke, David Kennedy, and Kevin Schnebly attended the 16th Annual Golf Outing hosted by Related Midwest and Lendlease at Chicago's Harborside International Golf Center.

Not content to simply play golf on a beautiful September day, Kevin decided to add a game within a game. "If you didn't make it past the women's tee box on your drive, you had to play the rest of the hole in a floral moo moo. If you hit the ball in the water, you had to play the rest of the hole wearing a scuba mask with a snorkel." But the team didn't let fashion slow them down—they came in second place for the speed golf hole, finishing in just one minute and 17 seconds!


While there may not be prizes for second place, the real prize was contributing to and celebrating the accomplishments of two great nearby nonprofits. Over the history of the Related Midwest and Lendlease Golf Outing, More than $2 million has been raised for nonprofits in the area.

SOS Children's Villages Illinois enhances the traditional foster care model by providing single-parent housing for foster children with their siblings to live together in a single family home within one of the organization's Villages, which are clusters of foster homes, recreational facilities, and administrative offices, helping to build a strong community to improve the confidence, trust, and hope of these children. To learn more about SOS Children's Village, please click here:

Saturday Place is a two-year academic program ensuring 3rd and 4th graders in Chicago Public Schools stay on track in their core skills, reading, writing, and math. Classes are held every Saturday on university campuses to inspire the dream of a college education for the students who typically come from disadvantaged backgrounds. To learn more about Saturday Place, please click here: