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On The Boards | Preserving our National Parks

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Many of us at Bailey Edward have fond memories of escaping to the National Parks in the summer, taking in the sights, exploring nature, and learning about our country’s natural and national history. Now, we will help ensure the infrastructure of our country’s Midwest region parks is safe and secure for years to come.

The National Parks Service recently selected Bailey Edward to provide architecture / engineering services for the Midwest Region, home to over 450 parks, trails, monuments, and historical sites. Some are in our backyard, such as Chicago’s Pullman National Monument and others are as far as Scotts Bluff in Nebraska to the First Ladies National Historic Site in Canton, Ohio, as far north as the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, Isle Royale Park in Lake Superior and down south to President Clinton’s Birthplace Home in Hope, Arkansas. 

As the National Park Service turned 103 years-old earlier this month, many of its infrastructure and historic buildings are due for renovation. And the Midwest Region is home to some of the oldest areas NPS manages, including the oldest of them all, Hot Springs National Park in Arkansas, enjoyed for an estimated 8,000 years by the area’s Native Americans before the first recorded European visitors came in 1541. The Hot Springs were first established as a federal reserve in 1832 and later a national park in 1921. 

As we await our first assignment, Bailey Edward is excited to lend our services to the National Historic Landmarks and National Park infrastructure of our Midwest region, ensuring they are safe and accessible to educate and entertain visitors from all over the world.