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People | Damon Volunteers as a Design Critic

Uiuc Review


The end of the school year means final projects and for Damon Wilson, a trip down to his alma mater. Damon, an Associate architect at BE graduated from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) with a Master of Architecture. Not only does Damon work on projects for the University, he volunteers as a design critic, evaluating students’ final projects and offering feedback.

Damon was evaluating first and second-year graduate students in a semester-long project focused on reimagining a post-industrial site on the south side of Chicago. The industrial heritage of the steel mill was to be honored while creating relationships between the neighborhood, water, and other existing features.

Damon described the project as a contemporary challenge with realistic constraints. Students had to meet with the local neighborhood during the semester and will be presenting their plans to the neighborhood after the studio is over, offering students quality experience in explaining their ideas to clients. Projects were completed through multiple 2D and 3D drawing types and physical models of the designs.
As the Educational Design Leader, Damon devotes his time and effort to enhancing the student experience through the built environment. He truly practices what he preaches by working with students outside of work to assist in their educational development.