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Community | BE at Housing Industry Events

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At Bailey Edward we have many communities. As a company we are a community; we are a part of the industry community; and as designers we build community. It’s important that we grow and develop in each of these categories. David Kennedy and Zach Clark, our residential design leaders are attuned to these needs and have been fostering relationships by attending multi-family housing events with other like-minded professionals.

David and Zach both attended the 2019 Illinois Governor’s Conference on Affordable Housing. The two-day event involved session speakers and panel discussions and forecasts for the future of the industry, since David and Zach are currently designing affordable housing renovations and new developments that are contemporary, yet accessible, this conference offered them insights into the state of affordable housing in Illinois.

After attending, Zach discussed how housing projects impact communities in a variety of ways. “Adaptive reuse of underutilized existing buildings can revitalize a community in a way that goes beyond housing,” Zach said, “And this idea is becoming more widespread by both community representatives and developers.”

In March, David attended the Illinois Real Estate Journal’s 10th Annual Multifamily and Affordable Housing Real Estate Summit. At this event, speakers gave the State of the Market in Chicago, noting that despite several years of development, the multi-family housing market is still very strong with the demand outweighing the available units. The speakers identified neighborhoods that were ripe for development based on household moving trends. Furthermore, David mentioned the push for apartments that were closer to the workplace and with less emphasis on the need for parking. To combat this, developers are looking at ways to make even smaller units livable and desirable.

With this information, David and Zach will be able to advise clients on current trends and better adjust designs to the type of project that we will be working on: new PD developments, historic renovations, and general market upgrades.