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Our designs are taking flight at the Air National Guard (ANG) Squadron Operations facility renovation in Belleville, Illinois. The new modern office renovation with all the technical capability required by the ANG is wrapping up as Architect Todd Higginbotham and Construction Manager Kevin Schnebly performed the punch-list walk-through.

The renovation was spurred on by the fact that the Squadron Operations facility on the Scott Airforce Base did not satisfy the requirements of the ANG. With an enhanced mission in 2001 from strategic reserve to a tactical enabler role, the ANG needed more efficient, accessible and co-located work areas in a building that is up-to-date with ANG security standards.

New, open floor plans were designed with office areas to support workspaces, divided by glazed demountable systems-furniture partitions. Four office suites were configured with contemporary finishes. The open, glass systems improve visibility and communication within. The design of the facility emulates the aesthetic elements of the National Guard Bureau headquarters to further the brand of the ANG. A high security space with sound-proof rooms aids the ANG in preparing for their top-secret missions. New locker rooms, bathrooms, lounge, and an auditorium renovation to create a conference room were included in the remodel.

The building was constructed before the Department of Defense updated their seismic code and, due to its Southern Illinois location, required significant reinforcement to the building foundation and steel connections to meet the new standards. Moreover, all the windows had to be replaced to meet Anti-Terrorism / Force Protection blast-resistance requirements.

Furthermore, the project was designed to meet LEED Silver, so renovations to improve the overall building energy performance were necessary. Exterior envelope, windows, roof, and building systems all were upgraded and a geothermal system was installed.

With the new layout, the building will have a better flow and function, therefore aiding in the ANG’s mission and productivity. The building itself is more efficient from an environmental standpoint, enhancing the ANG’s goal of sustainability and lowering operational costs. Finally, the design aesthetic and new interior finishes provide a workspace that fosters soldiers’ well-being and satisfaction.