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Projects | Open House at Electronic Theatre Controls

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This month, our Senior Engineer, Kent Locke, and designer, Nick Turney, had the opportunity to attend Electronic Theatre Controls’ (ETC) open house for their new addition in Middleton, Wisconsin, and see their shipping container work environment. As part of an integrated building design team with ETC, 1848 Construction, Inc., Air Temperature Services, Inc., and Sketchworks Architecture, LLC, Bailey Edward engineers designed the mechanical and plumbing systems and built 3D models for the 75,000 SF expansion of ETC’s existing facility. ETC is a global leader in the manufacturing of theater, film, studio, and architectural lighting equipment and rigging. Their equipment can be found in Broadway theaters, the Saturday Night Live and Jimmy Fallon sets, and major news stations. The expansion offers a new space for their marketing and research and development teams to work together to help strategically market their products to the world.

“We’ve been playing around with shipping container office designs for a few years and it’s great that we have a way to use them on such a large scale,” says Fred Foster, ETC CEO. “This unique recycled design gives our employees not only the individual room they need to work, but also a creative space that encourages collaboration and open communication through a wider range of departments.”

Bailey Edward assisted that vision by designing and modeling the mechanical and plumbing systems in Revit to offer a 3D model so the owner could visualize the final product. Furthermore, BE provided Navisworks models for the owner’s reviews and for contractors to use on site while installing each system to ensure everything would be installed as ETC desired. BE also modeled the fire protection system for the fire protection contractor to further develop, and together the 3D model to use for installation. Using BE’s 3D models during construction helped eliminate the possibility of installation error and thus kept the project running on time and budget. The finished project is a vibrant and exciting office space with visual interest and a vast mechanical system to support it all.