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On The Boards | Historic Structures Reports



With the addition of Tim Scovic, AIA, Bailey Edward’s historic preservation team has experts in each stage of a preservation project, allowing us to address each of the clients’ needs from comprehensive understanding of the existing building, to technical implementation, through completion.

Tim specializes in preparing historic structures reports, preservation master plans, and conservation management plans that lay an important foundation for preservation projects. Armed with extensive historic architectural knowledge and strong writing skills, Tim’s historic structures reports provide the team with an in-depth history of the building: its construction, architectural description, an evaluation of its historic significance, and recommendations for preservation, restoration, or rehabilitation. Tim recently prepared a historic structures report for the Buenos Aires U.S. Ambassador’s Residence. Tim’s preservation master plans take it one step further, including programming analysis, preservation philosophy and appropriate treatment. Most notably, Tim prepared a preservation master plan for Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesin West. His conservation management plans focus more on how to manage the long-term care and maintenance of an historic building to offer the client guidelines on how to sensitively take care of the building for years to come. Tim prepared a conservation management plan for the Charnley-Persky House.

All of Tim’s work complements the rest of the historic preservation team at BE. With the history and diagnosis of the existing issues, Robin Whitehurst and Zach Clark can dive into the technical details on how to save the building. Their expertise lies in the analysis and documentation of the restoration, and determining which methods are most appropriate to preserve the facility. Finally, Karla Smalley’s specialty in construction methods ensure the appropriate implementation of the historic solutions to maintain the historic fabric of the building.

Together, our preservation team is working on projects throughout the Midwest restoring government, park district community, and education buildings. To learn more about our historic preservation experience, be sure to visit our portfolio