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A Box Within a Box - Logan Center for the Arts



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Bailey Edward staff members Damon Wilson, Angela Lee, Erin Masters-Beyers, Prashant Gongal and Chris Hainer, were treated to a walk-thru of the $114 million Reva & David Logan Center for the Arts currently under construction in Hyde Park at the University of Chicago.

The tour of this new creativity 'mixing bowl' started on the tenth floor outdoor terrace. From this point, the tour progressed downward to the performance penthouse on the ninth floor; the seminar terrace on the eighth floor; the performance studio and practice rooms on the seventh floor; the studios and screening rooms on the second floor; and, the black box, proscenium theater and performance hall on the ground level.

"Our tour guide stressed how important acoustics and acoustic separation were throughout the building. All of the performance and practice spaces are "a box within a box” acoustically separated and shaped for optimum acoustic quality which you can really see from the floor plans." shared Erin Masters-Beyers.

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