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On the Boards | Contractor Coordination Services

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To bring a building to fruition, the coordination of countless moving parts is essential. All parties involved, the architects, engineers, and contractors, are working to make sure they implement their work without conflicting with one another. However, sometimes the architects’ vision and building system realities don’t align. BE’s coordination services eases the transition between drawings and implementation.

As part of an Indefinite Quantity Contract with O’Hare Mechanical, our engineers are providing contractor coordination services for clash detection for a family fitness center. Using AutoDesk Fabrication CAD MEP (an add-on within AutoCAD), a tool to model building structures and their ductwork systems, BE’s engineers can ensure that the layout will fit within the building constraints. By analyzing the plans through 3D modeling, any areas of conflict are identified and addressed before being implemented on-site. This keeps projects running smoothly, reducing change orders and helps the projects stay on track to meet the original schedule as desired by the client.

Nick Turney specializes in this clash detection, scouring over architecture and engineering drawings and analyzing the ductwork to make sure the plans are not in conflict. Nick provides more details to the plans and points out where there may be problem areas based on the building’s constraints and the client’s wishes and offers potential solutions. For example, with O’Hare Mechanical, Nick was able to identify points on the building where the client’s vision for a tall ceiling would be impossible due to the constraints of the ductwork. Alternative design solutions could then be discussed with the design team and client early in the construction process.

Providing contractor coordination services is part of BE’s integrated construction approach. BE meets with all involved parties early on to help familiarize everyone with the project. This allows people the chance to understand each other’s intentions, reduces the number of change orders, and keeps the project on schedule.