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Community | BE Preservation Team Attending APTI Conference

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September 22nd marks the end of the summer season and the beginning of the Association of Preservation Technology International’s (APTI) Buffalo Niagara 2018 Conference. At this year’s Conference, over 600 professionals will come together to celebrate APTI’s 50th anniversary while looking towards what the next 50 years will bring. Bailey Edward’s team of historic preservation architects attending the Conference this year include Technical Principal, Robin Whitehurst; Associate Architect, Karla Smalley; Historic Preservation Architect, Tim Scovic; and Emerging Professional Pursuing Licensure, Stephanie Rydecki. Our team is excited to be traveling to Buffalo, NY for a week filled with exhibitions, keynote speeches, workshops and discussions on preservation.

Formed by both preservation and conservation professionals from the U.S. and Canada in 1968, APTI is an international multi-disciplinary membership organization dedicated to promoting the best technology for conserving/preserving historic structures and their settings. Members, who hail from more than 30 countries, are directly involved in the application of methods and materials to maintain, conserve, and protect historic structures and sites for future use and appreciation. Founded at Niagara –on-the-Lake, across the river from Buffalo, NY the location perfectly symbolizes the multi-national collaboration that the organization promotes.

This year’s Conference features presentations around four tracks that explore APTI’s “Points of Departure” theme. These tracks are:
1. Decline vs. Revival: Tempering the impulse to tear down and start over
2. Materials Over Time: Points of change
3. For Power or for Passage: Re-envisioning historic industrial and transportation infrastructure
4. This New World: preservation Technology and emerging issues within our historic buildings and built landscapes

“I am looking forward to attending the paper sessions for Track 2”, says Stephanie who is attending the Conference for the first time. “This track is geared toward understanding the nature of historic materials which will help with a variety of historic projects I am working on now and hope to work on.”

When asked about what she hopes to learn from the Conference, Karla Smalley says she wants to gain, “Knowledge and a deeper understanding of historic materials and restoration techniques that will aid in preserving buildings for several decades to come.”

Having previously presented at APTI’s 2010 annual conference in Denver, our new historic architect, Tim Scovic, is excited to be back this year, “…to attend seminars on conservation of modern materials and new technologies used in historic preservation and to tour Buffalo’s historic architecture, including the Frank Lloyd Wright-designed Darwin Martin House.”

As historic preservation experts, are always looking for new ways to incorporate the latest preservation techniques so that historically-significant buildings can be enjoyed by future generations. We strongly believe that the character historic buildings exude should be preserved for future generations to enjoy. To learn more about our historic preservation experience, please be sure to visit our portfolio for more information.